Mangyan Center for Learning and Development

About Us


The term TUGDAAN is a Mangan-Alangan meaning seedbed. we use the term to stress the program’s commitment to root the development of the Mangyan communities in the realities of their life and culture.

The LOGO depicts the program’s approach to learning which is the integrative and holistic –one that develops the Mangyan faculties and abilities to the fullest.

The young plant depicts the continuing growth offered by education. The leaves of the new plant symbolizes the five(5) major aspects of human life: social, political, economic, cultural and spiritual; areas to hone

and cultivate in all learners.









Guided with this framework, TUGDAAN aspires to be instrumental in the empowerment, life-long learning, formation and coommunity building of the Mangyan people in Mindoro. It aims to strengthen the Mangyans capabilities as they journey towards self governance and meaingful development.

Tugdaan’s 8 Elements of an Indigenous People’s Education System

1. Valuing Education
2. Promoting Cultural Integrity and Empowerment
3. Promoting People’s Involvement and Participation
4. Enhancing Analytical Thinking and Responsible Attitude
5. Promoting Peace and Community Building
6. Valuing Land and Environment
7. Promoting the Spirit of Service and Volunteerism
8. Promoting Holistic and Integrative Learning