Balay Lakoy



The Hanunoo Mangyans live in the towns of Bulalacao, Mansalay and some parts of Bongabong in Oriental Mindoro, and in the town of San Jose in Occidental Mindoro.They, like the Buhids and Bangons possess a pre-Spanish writing system, considered to be of Indic origin, with characters, expressing the open syllables of the language.This syllabic writing system, called Surat Mangyan, is still being taught in several Mangyan schools in Mansalay and Bulalacao. Their clothing is similar to the other tribes of Mangyans. The male wears a bahag or loincloth and a shirt they call balukas, while the females wear ramit or indigo-dyed short skirt and a blouse they call lambung. They also carry the bayong that carries most of their personal belongings. The hagkos is their version of the belt bag. The men sport long hair, which is tied with a cloth they call panyo. The women also sport long hair and accessorize it with headbands made of beads. They also wear necklaces and bracelets made of beads. Like the Alangans, the Hanunoos also practice swidden farming. A study on the Mangyans’ way of farming was conducted in 1995 and it revealed that their practice prevented land deterioration.