Balay Lakoy



The Iraya is the tribe who lives in the beaches of Puerto Galera, San Teodoro and Baco in Oriental Mindoro. However, most of them live in Occidental Mindoro, in the towns of Mamburao, Sta. Cruz, Abra de Ilog and Paluan. The Irayas look quite different from the other seven Mangyan tribes. They have curly to kinky hair and dark skin, but could easily be distinguished from the Aetas, who are the most predominant indigenous tribe of the Philippines. Their ancient clothing is exactly the same as that of the Hanunoos. If the Buhids are known for their expertise in pot making, the Irayas are expert in nito-weaving and other handicrafts that are derived from nito like trays, plates, jars and cups of different sizes. Their steady diet consists of rice, banana, sweet potato, and other root crops.