Balay Lakoy



Most of the Ratagnons live in Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro. Like the Bangons, the Ratagnons have a unique language that is similar to the Cuyunon dialect that is spoken by the people who live in Cuyo Island in the northern part of Palawan. The Ratagnon women wear a wrap-around cotton cloth from the waistline to the knees. Even if most of them are immersed to modern culture, there are still some males that wear the traditional g-string or bahag and wear a jacket with simple embroidery during gala festivities. The women’s breast covering is made of woven nito or vine. They also wear accessories made of beads and copper wire. Like the Alangans, they also chew Betel nuts often. They always carry a flint, tinder and other paraphernalia that could produce fire.