Mangyan Center for Learning and Development

Sustainability Program


Poultry, Swine Raising and Handicraft Making

To help TUGDAAN generate its own resources for the sustainability of some of its programs and activities, while at the same time providing hands-on
training for the students, TUGDAAN establishes and maintains livelihood activities like poultry, swine raising and handicrafts making.

Food Processing

Another major activity under this component is the processing of locally produced calamansi into bottles of natural calamansi juice and jelly. All are readily
available in the market. Soon TUGDAAN will go into other fruit and vegetable processing as well.

Over-all Program management

In accordance with the principles of people empowerment and self-reliance, the program has been designed to begin from where the people are.
The MANAGEMENT TEAM, which is composed mostly of Mangyan people, is directly responsible for the conceptualization, planning, implementation,
evaluation of the over-all programs of TUGDAAN.