Balay Lakoy



Most of the Tau-Buid Mangyans live in Occidental Mindoro, but there are some who live in the towns of Socorro, Pinamalayan and Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. The Bangon Mangyans used to be part of the Tau-buid tribe before anthropologists found out that the Bangons have a separate culture, language and writing system in 1996.
If the Alangans are known to chew Betel nuts throughout the day, the Tau-buids, on the other hand, are known to smoke in pipes all day! Teenagers of the tribe can smoke anytime they want to. The tribe’s men and women wear loincloth that is made by extracting, pounding and drying the inner bark of several trees. Some of the women who live in the lower part of the mountains wrap a knee-length cloth around their bark bra-string, while the men wear cloth instead of bark. However, bark cloth is still worn by both men and women in the interior. It is also used as breast covers, headbands and blankets.